Our Major Proudcts As Follows:

Metal hardware Parts for Machinery, Automotive and Furniture

OEM/Custom requirement is acceptable


Welding, Tube Pressing and Bending Product, Made by Metal tube, 304 stainless tube, Metal sheet material..

1. Made by Pressing Machine, Bending Machine, Welding Equipment, Shear Machine.

2. The material can be Metal Tube, 304 stainless tube, metal sheet material.

3. We can make the product by wide range of tube and metal sheet.

4. We can machining and do the product's surface process, for example chrome plating,

powder coasting, painting, electrical polishing and etc.

5. We have strong ability of tooling design and manufacture.

They are widely used in Machinery assembly, Agriculture Machinery fittings, Holding and Lifting System parts, Furniture hardware and fiitings....



Item: Tube pressing and bending

1. Material: 304 stainless steel

2. Diameter: 40MM

3. Length: 70MM

4. Electrical polishing


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